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anon 04/02/2020, 05:40:02 No.1625  >>1627

>anon on 16 asks about installing an orange backlight in his gameboy

can you solder smd 0805? The lcd upgrade kit that I know of nowadays ship with white leds installed for the backlight and you have to remove-and-replace the leds yourself if you want a different color.

I have the bennvenn LCD in my DMG. I was going to replace the LEDs with green ones but haven't got around to it yet. The white is really somewhat of a very pale blue color and it looks pretty good as is. I'm decent at soldering but it's still kind of ehh since there's always a small chance you fuck something up any time you get in the workshop. "if it aint broke, don't fix it". anyways I just looked on his site and like everything else in the whole fucking world the LCDs are presumably made in china so the supply is a bit questionable. maybe I should take advantage of the situation and sell my shit for inflated prices...
so idk installing the bennvenn screen was super easy, just needed to trim the screen opening, solder two wires for the backlight, and install a new glass LCD cover.
this is the site: https://bennvenn.myshopify.com/collections/aftermarket-lcds/products/dmg-3-backlit-lcd-kit . I don't know of any full tutorials (static html websites) for installation but there was at least one guy online who had a pretty decent ~50 min youtube video where he went through the process. The hardest part is widening the screen opening and having it still look neat. If you use the cheap and available raspberry-pi style LCD covers the edges of your cuts will still be visible when in use, so try to get them as straight as possible. If you use a custom gameboy lens designed for the mod it will mask the edges so you can just cut a little more out and not worry about the ragged edges being visible. I bought a cheap aftermarket shell to use for practice, since i didn't want to risk fucking up a real shell.

Here's a pic of my setup. I currently have the cheap lens fitted into the aftermarket front shell. Next to it is a custom lens that I'm going to install once I cut into my original hardware front shell. I also got one of the "one wire" brightness control PCBs bennvenn sells, since the mod as-is doesn't come with any brightness controls. Somewhere around my workshop are the lime-green 0805 leds I ordered for the possible mod but I couldn't find them for this picture. okay well whatever it won't let me post a pic. come to rikchan if you want to see.

Here it is on my dirty workbench with the lights on -

anon 04/02/2020, 05:45:19 No.1626


And here it is with the lights off.
two things:
1. Lots of light bleed, obviously. I don't really mind it when playing, but it's still a minor annoyance. I am hopeful that the genuine shell will not bleed as much once I get around to swapping it in.
2. The motion blur. It is extremely authentic to how the actual screen was, quite blurry in motion. This is both good and bad. Good because it is super authentic and bad because it's still annoying when you play a sidescroller and everything blurs out. It's pretty jarring at first when you start playing it but after about 5 minutes you can get used to it.

anon 04/02/2020, 05:55:47 No.1627  >>1628

Looks sweet man. Do u plan to do more upgrades to your gba? Man you are so knowledgeable when it comes to hardware.

anon 04/02/2020, 06:05:42 No.1628


my GBA is already maxed out. (original style). I've got the taobao Ips screen installed with the three wires for backlight control and a rechargeable battery. Maybe I will take some pics of it next. The only annoying thing is I must have dropped it or stepped on it or something recently since it now some slight cracks in the back of the case. oh well everything still works, just not as pristine as I kind of like.
I was sort of idly trying to figure out how to fit the taobao IPS screen into my gba SP a couple months ago when i got busy with real life again. but now with the stupid lockdown crap i have more time again, for better or worse.

anon 04/02/2020, 06:46:24 No.1629


Here is my maxed out GBA (AGB-001).

I have the taobao IPS screen. This screen has a resolution of 480x320. It displays the original GBA resolution of 240x160 by simply doubling every pixel into a 2x2 pixel square. so everything looks VERY nice and blocky, no stupid bilinear scaling here. The time constant/visual quality is about a 9.7/10, there are some extremely faint artifacts under fast motion but it's almost completely un-noticeable. the end result has a quality equal to the nice screens in the DSi XL and the nintendo switch. It's way better quality than any other stock nintendo product including the AGS-101, ds lite, 3ds, etc.

I soldered the three additional wires to select, L button, and R button so the brightness is adjustable between 8 settings.

It also has the retromodding rechargeable battery. It can be played while recharging and turns the battery LED red when running low, just like an original gameboy. I cut the hole (not very cleanly) in the battery compartment so I could charge without taking off the battery.

Finally I have the EZ Flash Omega as my flash cart. I like it since it is a regular size cart that doesn't stick out at all and it can take the full library of roms on an SD card without needing to patch roms or use windows software or use a USB cable or any bullshit like that like the older flashcarts did.

anon 04/02/2020, 06:48:59 No.1630  >>1634


Here is the crappy cut I made in the battery door so I can play while charging or just on a desk without worrying about losing the battery door. I wish I was better at mechanical things because I tried reasonably hard with a file and it still looks like ass lol

anon 04/02/2020, 06:50:50 No.1631


With the GBA off it doesn't look that impressive because the screen is not 100% centered and is rotated by a few degrees or so. Luckily it's not noticeable when it's on and you're playing. The only thing that you can notice is that the rightmost 4 pixels or so are obscured by the lens but you can still see them if you move your head a little bit.

anon 04/02/2020, 06:59:20 No.1632  >>1635


Here is the back shot.
I was going back and forth on whether the battery was worth it or not compared to trying to rig up my own solution but I decided it was worth it, it has a few neat features.
Things I like about it:
-The battery is fully removable. It uses custom contacts to press against the built-in battery springs. If I was going to rig up some custom solution I would probably have ended up just soldering straight to the board which would have made assembly/disassembly more annoying.
- I think it includes a built in regulator to produce the ~3 ish volts the GBA wants. I don't know if you can just put the 4.2v of a fully charged lithium-ion battery into the GBA without damage since that's way higher than the ~3.2V max you'd get out of a pair of alkalines
- can be charged while playing - mostly this was important for me for traveling on an airplane
- battery led indicator still works - the regulator produces a standard voltage (probably around ~3v) for most of the discharge cycle. Then when the battery is running low it will output a ~2v ish voltage that is similar to the voltage that mostly dead alkaline batteries would put out. this will turn the battery light red. I had some NiMH rechargeable batteries that worked great but they are a bit lower voltage output so I got annoyed at having to play with a red battery light all the time.

anon 04/02/2020, 07:01:19 No.1633


Viewing angles:

finally, this is the money shot for me. I am a viewing angle autist. looks fucking great from every angle, colors don't change at all. I didn't used to mid TN panels at all in the old days but now that I've gone IPS it is extremely hard for me to go back.

anon 04/02/2020, 11:02:50 No.1634

>looks like an ass
i will buy this shit from you if I can lol

anon 04/02/2020, 11:03:51 No.1635

this is fucking sweet anon.

anon 04/02/2020, 11:08:10 No.1636

I wish I could be as good as you when it comes to hardware. I have never even soldered in my life. Fuck, I havent even played with an arduino or a raspberry pi. But I plan to get breadboard, some wires, resistors, pi and an arduino to learn electronics. I do know the theories tho (learnt it in physics).

I have heard making your own circuits is like programming too, so I am excited to design my own CPU and stuff.

Since I am 19 and that too from India. I wasnt introduced to GBA or nintendo at all in my childhood. When I was like 16, I got a cheap GBA emulator (those chinese ones). And I played GBA games there. So, if I learn enough electronics. Maybe I can take it apart and play around with it (like you were doing). Maybe if possible, try to read the firmware and change the code of the OS that cheap knockoff runs on?

IDK, i just fucking suck at hardware

anon 04/02/2020, 11:12:04 No.1637

And after this coronavirus bullshit, my exams got delayed 2 months. I just hate it. I just want shit to end fast so I can finally be free. Indian education system is such a scam. Here everyone wants to be an engineer. Why? Because parents want them to be an engineer, Why? Because they think enginner = money. But irl there are so many kids going for engineering and so many engineering colleges that its like, you will find a new engineering college every block.

And to people like me, who really enjoy engineering. It gets hard to get in.

I am just a high school student right, yet I have to study uni level physics and maths so that I can get into a fucking college.

Imagine learning special relativity, some basics of quantum mechanics, uni level classical mechanics by buying uni books. (They dont even teach these stuff at school)

And because of these college exams, School exams are kind of useless in India.

anon 04/02/2020, 11:17:25 No.1638  >>1639

Sorry for ranting, its just that I see people doing cool stuff like you are, and here I am stuck. Cant even work on RikChan version 2, cant even continue my ai shit. Everyday is just the same.

My friend is working in a very decent company in India, working as a software dev. Now as I told you, there are shitload of engineers. One study even said that 84% of the engineers are unemployable in India. So that guy texts me work related doubts, and I have to help him code for his work. I even wrote and helped him with the code of his AI paper.

Seeing stuff like these, and seeing college graduates less educated than a high schooler makes me think, why should I waste 4 good college years just for a piece of paper saying "this guy knows what he is doing". To me college is a scam. And for college I am imprisoned.

But I am glad that you are having fun. In few months I will do fun stuff too.

btw where should I learn soldering and electronics and stuff. I learn best when I am alone. So any book that I should buy? (I have done circuit solving, kirchoff, thevenin, norton and all that crap for my college exams). Or do I still need to study the theory?

anon 04/02/2020, 17:30:55 No.1639  >>1641

it's fucking gay but the piece of paper is important both if you want to work for someone else or if you want to immigrate to another country at some point. but yeah I personally like electrical engineering or what they call "ECE - Electrical and Computer Engineering" because then you are a bit closer to the hardware and have more general skills so you can switch to solar panels, power distribution/ supervising electricians/ automated farming (GPS automation) etc if the programming/web app economy takes a dump. It seems easier to me to have an EE degree and teach yourself to program than to get a CS degree and teach yourself EE stuff. I mean you can do the second one but most EE engineering jobs won't even look at anyone without an accredited, actual EE degree whereas some other STEM degree and self-taught/noncredentialed programmer is much more common and employable as long as you have a good open-source portfolio.

t. guy who moderately-fucked up in his own life but is cagey about giving away details, even anonymously

anon 04/02/2020, 17:43:51 No.1640  >>1642

Arduino is good for practical stuff. I personally like the "diy arduboy" stuff, put that into a search engine. Not much theory needed for arduino stuff but it's a good intro to the practical basics like how to strip and solder wires, open-drain vs push pull buses, real world ohms law shit when sizing resistors. The arduino programming is baby mode built on libraries upon libraries but you can peel those layers away and get closer to the metal as you go on I think if you move away from the Arduino IDE. Or you can simply keep using libraries on libraries of other people's code and focus on the hardware aspects. Also STM and ESP32 make chips that are much more capable for the price performance but are harder to get into at first.

The main trick with arduino programming is that the USB programming almost never works and isn't to be relied upon in most cases (long explanation). you can avoid a lot of frustration by simply getting a SPI flasher ahead of time. I use an old Bus Pirate I've had around for a while and am familiar with but there are several other flasher tools available - genuine atmel flasher, off-brand atmel flashers, generic chinese CHsomething breakout chips. I have a few off brand ones around but haven't used them since the Bus Pirate just works for me.

I'll post pix of my jenky diy arduboy setups at some point

anon 04/02/2020, 21:06:21 No.1641

You are right about how ece is very important. I was recently coding my own kernel. And to dive deeper, I had to learn how processors work and stuff to actually understand what I am supposed to code.

But to be honest after my undergrad I want to pursue physics for grad. And do research and be a physicist/scientist. Pursuing cse as hobby is more interesting that sitting at a firm and coding same stuff over and over again and help some rich dude build their own empire. I am going to college to take advantage of those professors in teaching me ai, so I can have a decent startup and earn enough from it to fund my graduation abroad.

anon 04/02/2020, 21:10:51 No.1642

I will give arduboy a try, but I do have experience in coding assembly x86 and c. I have made my own kernels and shit (made interrupt tables and stuff from scratch). Will that help? That's the lowest I could go in a computer.

I have seen arduino ide. I could tell its pretty high level. I really wanna get into bare metal first, since I have some experience with computer bare metal. Your very knowledgeable btw. My respect for you keeps on growing 16anon ^^

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